CSC152-U-2030 - Universal positioning & sync. module

This electronic module has been developed for controlling hydraulic positioning/synchronization drives. Proportional valves with integrated or external electronics can be controlled with the universal analog output.

The internal profile generation is optimized for stroke-dependent deceleration or NC control. The controller and its settings are adapted to the typical requirements and thus offer rapid and uncritical optimization of the control behavior. The time-optimized control function offers a high degree of precision together with high stability for hydraulic drives. The movement cycle is controlled via the external position and speed inputs. The high resolution of the analog signals ensures good positioning behavior.

The synchronization control works as a second overriding velocity/position controller. Deviations between the axes will be compensated by adjusting the speed of the slave axis (or both axes in master/master mode). The speed of the axes can be limited with the external analog speed input.

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AUD$ 1,815.93

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