Do you need Liebherr know how in your machine?

Performance delivered with superior value, 

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Hydraulic Power systems from the most respected brand.

Liebherr develops, designs and manufactures high-performance components for

mechanical, hydraulic and electrical drive and control technology.

Liebherr uses advanced production technologies to manufacture its high quality,

exceptionally long-serving components. The components are designed for outstanding

ruggedness, and withstand even extreme environmental influences like

major temperature fluctuations, vibrations, dust or maritime ambient conditions.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Liebherr Components Overview & datasheets -> 

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High-Performance Components

How can Liebherr improve your system? High-performance individual components from a world-class supplier. 

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Complete Subassemblies

Ready to install, integrated sub-assemblies concentrating on the quality demanded from Liebherr machines.

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Full System Design

Local system integration and technical support. Innovative design using all progressive, world-class techniques. Engineered Systems Sales.